Blogs that I read…

A good programmer reads, a lot! And so I thought you’d want to know what blogs I read at the moment. The list has been culled dramatically recently, however here’s what I read.

The View From Aristeia This is Scott Meyers’ blog on things he’s working on at the moment. It includes his speaking schedule for the coming year, but also some really low level C++ related stuff. It’s quite a good read.

Fluent C++ Jonathon Boccara’s excellent blog on all things C++. It’s well worth a read.

Sutter’s Mill This is a recent addition to my blog roll, but as I’m a C++ programmer, and Herb Sutter is one of the leading authorities of C++ (Check out his book Exceptional C++), then I know I will learn a great deal.

CppCast The first (or 0’th for the purists) C++ podcast for C++ devs by C++ devs. They release a new podcast fairly often, and I often listen to one of their podcasts on the way to work. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Simplify C++ is Arne Mertz’ blog on writing good and maintainable C++.

If you’re a Java developer, then I thoroughly recommend The Tech Lobster It’s a relatively new blog, but it’s pretty cool and allows me to keep up to date with what’s going on in Java land, because you never know when I’ll be back there.


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