About the blog…

This blog was inspired by a series of talks that were giving at the Association of C and C++ Users in 2013.  Pete Goodliffe spoke on becoming a better programmer, which had respected developers come up and do a mini-lightning talk on what they thought would help you to become a better programmer.

Deciding to take these lessons to heart, I decided to do exactly what they suggested for a year.  The idea of this blog is to document how that goes, and possibly form the basis for a talk at next year’s conference.

This blog will not just contain code, but also recommended reading, links to useful sites, interviews with respected developers in the community and many other things.  I welcome comments, and am always open to discussion.

About the author…

Emyr is a software developer with around two years experience in developing software in C++, and around several years experience in developing software in Java.  He’s also developed in BASH, C# and is always keen to learn more.

His hobbies include cycling, reading, playing video games, listening to music, as well as doing youth work with the local church.  He can can be followed on Twitter as welshboy2008 and is also on LinkedIn.


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