ACCU Tutorial Day 1 Review

So it’s April, which means the ACCU Annual Conference is here, and it was off to Bristol with me to attend the pre-conference tutorial. The original tutorial I’d registered for had been pulled, as the speaker (name here) has been seriously, so I wish him a speedy recovery and hope to hear his tutorial next year if he gives it. So I had to change my tutorial to attend, so I chose Kevlin Henney’s Raw TDD.

It was an excellent talk, the first portion Kevlin presented on the various facets that make TDD what it is, as well as define what TDD is and what it isn’t.

After lunch,using Jon Jaggar’s excellent cyber-dojo, we practiced developing using a pure Test Driven Approach. And Kevlin was very strict on this as well. And it was quite a challenge. I must confess I thought what I did at work day to day was TDD, but it turns out I have GUTs, (Good Unit Tests) rather than use a pure TDD approach.

After we’d switched coding partners a couple of times, we started to write our own Testing Framework. Now there are many excellent frameworks out there, so Googlecode has nothing to worry about at the moment, but it was awesome to see how relatively easy (albeit with a fair ammount of knowledge) it is to write your own unit testing framework.  Ours was based off the assert test and we built upon it.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day of learning, and as ever Kevlin’s style of delivery was it’s usual energetic, engaging and enthusiastic self.

As a side note…

If you’ve never been to the ACCU Conference before, I’d strongly recommend going. It’s a world-wide gathering of C++ programmers, and in the past we’ve had talks given by Bjarne Stroustrup, Scott Meyers, Uncle Bob Martin, Michael Feathers and many others besides.

Also consider joining the ACCU.  It’s a great organisation, and it doesn’t cost all that much to join. And it has an awesome community of people. And if you’re a member you get a sizable discount on the conference, so double bonus (:


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